Later in the day I went to the music room and watched as some of the students learned how to play guitar guided by Zack. The students practiced songs by the Beatles such as Revolution, Hold your Hand and others. Most of the students were following along well while others had trouble playing the right notes. This is the usual process someone must go through to become a professional musician.
Finally, I watched as some students play Wii sports for a while. I thought this was interesting because most gamers today consider the Wii to be an outdated game system. Especially now that Nintendo has just released its new console; the Switch. I asked some of the students if they considered this game outdated at all and they had mixed opinions about the subject. Some games will always be good no matter how old they get apparently.
I thought it was interesting being able see classes that taught subjects that are closer to pop culture than your usual school subject. This is all very different from the kind of schools I went to as a child. It amazes me that there are all these different methods on how to educate a person. It makes me wish that I got to come here as a child.


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