Today Mark and I went back to the packing plant to prepare more food for the elderly. We packed food such as: spaghetti noodles, tomato sauce, cranberry juice, low-fat milk, mixed fruit, diced carrots, vegetable beans, corn flakes and crispy hexagons, chili and peanut butter. This is mostly the same selection as last time. These types of foods will be helpful to them because they came from all four food groups.
Next, I went to the workshop that was being run by Sheldon. Inside they were working on different forms of carpentry including making chairs and other forms of furniture. Outside they were learning how to work on a forge by taking nails and sticking them into a coal fire. Afterwards, they took the nails while they were still hot and tried to pound them into rings. This seems like a good way to get someone interested in the art of metallurgy, since it is hands on and informative.
Later, I went to Deborah’s class and observed how they were going to plan their environmental work for Earth Day. This meant they talked about all the different ways they could practice recycling and other ways we can conserve our natural resources. They also considered how they could go about spreading the word about being environmentally conscious to not only the rest of the school, but to the whole community. Hopefully, they will find a way to show everyone that Earth Day can be fun.
This was another fine day for me even though it was only for a little while. I can only hope that we will do something interesting next week as well.


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