Today I went with Brent as we went on a hike on one of the Winat trails just down the road from Parker Academy. Our starting point was different from the place we ended up exiting the forest. As a result, we spent a lot of time on the road, as well as in the forest. Most of the forest was still very wet and icy because of last weekend’s snowfall. Many of the students proved to be difficult throughout the journey because they kept falling behind and picking up things like sticks from the ground. Others had a better time of the trail depending on how athletic they were. I suppose that some people like going outside better than others. I just wish that I had prepared better by bringing snow boots instead of wearing my indoor shoes.
Next I went back to working with Deborah’s Environmental group and watched as they continued to work on their plans for the Earth Day celebration. Their plans included making vegetarian cupcakes by using organic ingredients and other eco-friendly materials in their preparation. They also crafted their invitations for the Earth Day celebration in which were sent to the rest of the people in Parker Academy. They also made sure to ask other people for ideas on how to celebrate Earth Day. We can only wait and see how well this celebration will turn out.


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