Then I went back to working with Virginia’s group as they continued to work on their video game designs. Each student brought out their computers and showed each other the game they worked individually on. After they looked at the other’s game, they then gave one another feedback on what they thought about the other person’s game. It is not too different to what they were doing the last time I was here. They are still working on some basic ideas of how to get a game running in their own way. It is a long road to take before they’ll get somewhere in the gaming industry.
The last group I worked with today was with Deborah’s art group. The students there were working on various projects which included: painting, molding clay, and drawing sketches. Some of the students had trouble getting their projects right the first time. As a result, they could not handle the strain of restarting their projects again and again until they got it right. Many people do not understand how stressful being an artist can be sometimes. It is just one of those professions where you can only become good through practice.
This will be the last time I come to Parker Academy as part of the internship for my Performance Practicum class at New England College. It has been a pleasure to come here and watch these students prepare themselves for the continuing challenges they will find as they go through the rest of their education. My advice for them will be as follows: STAY HERE AND STAY AS LONG AS YOU CAN!!!


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