The Importance of Crowdsourcing
The concept of crowdsourcing has been around for at least 10 years now and we have come to accept it as one of the best methods for gathering information in our society. Crowdsourcing is a specific sourcing model in which individuals or organizations use contributions from Internet users to obtain needed services or ideas. This concept was originally started by businesses who outsource work to the crowd to collect enough data about a specific subject. The way I intend to demonstrate how crowdsourcing works is by showing how people use it in relation to video games. Crowdsourcing is a useful element in video game design.
In social media, we see people discuss many topics that are involved with pop culture. One of the many subjects that people like to discuss is video games. More specifically they like to converse about the many games that are in development but are scheduled to become available in the future. Through my own observations of various websites, I have concluded that because people are able to see on certain websites what new products videogame publishers are creating, they are also capable of affecting the final product of these games as well. Because videogame publishers like many other companies rely on crowdsourcing to obtain feedback on their various products, it can become an integral role in helping them understand what their customers want in terms of new merchandise. This is just one of the many ways that our society is using social media to improve the quality of the various types of entertainment that we have available.
One of the key examples of how people use crowdsourcing in video games is by making a video on youtube and see how much the video is liked. There is a website called that makes several youtube videos about lists of the top ten of a certain subject. The way they make these videos is first they post a topic like “what are the top ten best video games” on their website and then they would wait as people would visit their site and vote on what they believe is the best video game. The games would then be ranked in their video according how many votes they each received. This is just one of many ways people go online and discuss what they prefer when it comes to something like video games. I have reason to believe that some video game companies do take notice of websites like when it comes to how they decide to make games that will satisfy their customers.
One of the way video game companies introduce people to the new game they are developing is by releasing both news and videos to gaming websites such as These websites receive videos from videogame companies such as trailers or gameplay demo of their new upcoming games. One such game that is coming out soon is Valkyria Revolution by Sega. When this company released a gameplay demo that showed much of what was in their new game, it received a lot of backlash from various videogame players who did not believe what they saw of the game so far was impressive. As a result, Sega decided that they would redesign several key aspects of the game software according to what was mentioned in the fans feedback. This is just one of many examples of how crowdsourcing has affected the direction that videogame publishers would take to make new games for us. But to really understand how crowdsourcing works, we need to understand why people think it’s effective in the first place.
My belief is that crowdsourcing will become the main tool that companies will use to figure out the next most popular product. Since this method is essentially all about enterprises asking people what they want and think about their company’s current projects, they can determine which direction they should take their products to be financially rewarding. The fact is that they are taking a democratic method to help create better products can go a long way to show how much they care about their customers. We just need to understand how crowdsourcing works the first place.
The main reason that Crowdsourcing works is because it is much faster and efficient than old methods of hiring people to do research for you. According to an article by K.V.N. Rajesh head of the department of information technology of India’s Vignaris’s Institute of technology, it is more efficient to have a vast range of workers providing information for various crowdsourcing tasks. Because there’s so many workers, many ideas get generated for the solving of problem. It is also beneficial for many businesses because these outside sources allow them to remove a lot of the burden on their projects to get their work done faster. After all, the more people we can get to contribute to a specific project the faster it will get done after all.
Another reason I believe that crowdsourcing will make gathering information easier is a website called Qmarkets. To use it you just sign up on then submit a question by either email, instant message or twitter. It then analyzes the profiles and interests of all your Facebook friends along with their friends to answer your question. Afterwards, this service will have filtered through your extended social media network and provide you with expert results within seconds. This is the sort of social media platform that practically every kind of business will be using soon.
According to another article by North American Institute of science and information technology, we see some of the many disadvantages of crowdsourcing as well. One of the main problems of crowdsourcing is that sometimes, for companies to get people on social media to help them they have to share many details about their projects to people online. This may end up leading to many confidential details of the project getting leaked, as a result these facts may inevitably fall into the hands of the businesses competitors and ruin their new projects. Another problem is that sometimes you may not always find the right sort of people online to give you good ideas on how to improve your work and you may end up getting only inexperienced or novice contributors to help you out. Depending on how much information is contributed it may not always be easy to determine which ideas are good and bad. Some contributors may even decide to plagiarize their ideas from other sources and that could lead to damaging the reputation of the company that used their idea, and even lead to legal risk as well.
Crowdsourcing will be an important tool for companies and people in general to use is because it utilizes some of the better aspects of humanity to get work done. Letting others contribute their ideas free of charge has helped me with getting my work done over the years. Crowdsourcing is admittedly not a perfect system but it is still a faster and efficient method of gathering research than anything else we have used before. It is only one the many ways in which technology is helping our society become a better place for future generations. Hopefully I’ll find a more subjects to use it on instead of just video games.

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