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The World after Raxelleon Fell


Parker Academy Day 4 Part 2

Then I went back to working with Virginia’s group as they continued to work on their video game designs. Each student brought out their computers and showed each other the game they worked individually on. After they looked at the other’s game, they then gave one another feedback on what they thought about the other person’s game. It is not too different to what they were doing the last time I was here. They are still working on some basic ideas of how to get a game running in their own way. It is a long road to take before they’ll get somewhere in the gaming industry.
The last group I worked with today was with Deborah’s art group. The students there were working on various projects which included: painting, molding clay, and drawing sketches. Some of the students had trouble getting their projects right the first time. As a result, they could not handle the strain of restarting their projects again and again until they got it right. Many people do not understand how stressful being an artist can be sometimes. It is just one of those professions where you can only become good through practice.
This will be the last time I come to Parker Academy as part of the internship for my Performance Practicum class at New England College. It has been a pleasure to come here and watch these students prepare themselves for the continuing challenges they will find as they go through the rest of their education. My advice for them will be as follows: STAY HERE AND STAY AS LONG AS YOU CAN!!!

Parker Academy day 4 part 1

Today I went with Brent as we went on a hike on one of the Winat trails just down the road from Parker Academy. Our starting point was different from the place we ended up exiting the forest. As a result, we spent a lot of time on the road, as well as in the forest. Most of the forest was still very wet and icy because of last weekend’s snowfall. Many of the students proved to be difficult throughout the journey because they kept falling behind and picking up things like sticks from the ground. Others had a better time of the trail depending on how athletic they were. I suppose that some people like going outside better than others. I just wish that I had prepared better by bringing snow boots instead of wearing my indoor shoes.
Next I went back to working with Deborah’s Environmental group and watched as they continued to work on their plans for the Earth Day celebration. Their plans included making vegetarian cupcakes by using organic ingredients and other eco-friendly materials in their preparation. They also crafted their invitations for the Earth Day celebration in which were sent to the rest of the people in Parker Academy. They also made sure to ask other people for ideas on how to celebrate Earth Day. We can only wait and see how well this celebration will turn out.

Parker Academy day 3

Today Mark and I went back to the packing plant to prepare more food for the elderly. We packed food such as: spaghetti noodles, tomato sauce, cranberry juice, low-fat milk, mixed fruit, diced carrots, vegetable beans, corn flakes and crispy hexagons, chili and peanut butter. This is mostly the same selection as last time. These types of foods will be helpful to them because they came from all four food groups.
Next, I went to the workshop that was being run by Sheldon. Inside they were working on different forms of carpentry including making chairs and other forms of furniture. Outside they were learning how to work on a forge by taking nails and sticking them into a coal fire. Afterwards, they took the nails while they were still hot and tried to pound them into rings. This seems like a good way to get someone interested in the art of metallurgy, since it is hands on and informative.
Later, I went to Deborah’s class and observed how they were going to plan their environmental work for Earth Day. This meant they talked about all the different ways they could practice recycling and other ways we can conserve our natural resources. They also considered how they could go about spreading the word about being environmentally conscious to not only the rest of the school, but to the whole community. Hopefully, they will find a way to show everyone that Earth Day can be fun.
This was another fine day for me even though it was only for a little while. I can only hope that we will do something interesting next week as well.

Parker Academy Day 2 Part 2

Later in the day I went to the music room and watched as some of the students learned how to play guitar guided by Zack. The students practiced songs by the Beatles such as Revolution, Hold your Hand and others. Most of the students were following along well while others had trouble playing the right notes. This is the usual process someone must go through to become a professional musician.
Finally, I watched as some students play Wii sports for a while. I thought this was interesting because most gamers today consider the Wii to be an outdated game system. Especially now that Nintendo has just released its new console; the Switch. I asked some of the students if they considered this game outdated at all and they had mixed opinions about the subject. Some games will always be good no matter how old they get apparently.
I thought it was interesting being able see classes that taught subjects that are closer to pop culture than your usual school subject. This is all very different from the kind of schools I went to as a child. It amazes me that there are all these different methods on how to educate a person. It makes me wish that I got to come here as a child.

Parker Academy Observations Day 2 Part 1

Here is some more stuff I did at my internship for Performance Practicum

Today I went with Mark and Deborah to the packing plant to observe the students as they performed community service there. All the students packed food such as cereal, juice, soup, canned fruit and vegetables, and other essential food for the less fortunate. At times, some did not participate, and just stood around and talked to each other. But at the end, we still managed to get plenty of boxes packed with food so that the less fortunate won’t have to go hungry.
The next thing we did that day was do a class session with Liz and Virginia where we talked about some of the basic strategies used for designing a video game. They mostly focused on developing a game formula by taking ordinary everyday tasks and making them into a game. This included steps such as determining adversaries and obstacles that get in the player’s path, as well as coming up with things like power ups and boosts to help the player in the game. After a certain point the students stopped their brainstorming and decided to share ideas and give each other feedback about the games they were designing. Only time will tell if any of these guys will get somewhere in the gaming industry.

Hawaii Vacation part 2

Here is more of what I did during my vacation.

The next day I went to take a bus tour at a local tourist spot in Kualoa Ranch. During this tour, we came across many of the locations that were used while filming several Hollywood movies such as Jurassic Park, Kong: Skull Island, and Lost. Many of these sites were hard to recognize because hardly any of them retained any props that were used in the movies, but it was still interesting to learn that this one area was used in many different films and TV shows. We also observed other interesting locations such as several army barracks that were used by both American and Japanese soldiers during World War II. We even learned a little bit about the different crops and livestock that are raised by the local citizens on the ranch.
Another day we rented out a pontoon boat and used it to go swimming over by one of the sandbars off by the coast. We found the sandbar over at Kaneohe Bay and I was surprised by the fact that the water was only two to three feet deep, whereas the edge of the sandbar declined very rapidly, making this area sort of like an undersea mountain.
The last thing we did at Hawaii was go to the beach at the North Shore by the town of Hale’iwa. This part of the coast was well known to be the best spot for surfing the waves. The waves here were reputed to rise as high as 10 feet every so often, making this a world-famous spot to come for some extreme water sports. I haven’t had as much fun as this since the days I went to Florida for my vacation.
In the end, there is very much to see in the Hawaii whether it’s for the local culture or the famous pop culture sites. You can be sure that there is even more to see there than the things I’ve described here. That is assuming of course you are willing to be on an airplane for at least ten hours for the trip there.

My Hawaii Vacation Part 1

For my vacation during spring break I went to visit my older sister Sarah over at her house in Hawaii. Hawaii has long been a popular tourist spot in our country for almost a century now. Although, when I arrived at the island I was surprised that most of the environment was not that unfamiliar. It had the same urban setting that we see in most of the other states in the US. Plus, another noteworthy aspect of Hawaii is that it serves as a major nexus point between America, Asia, and all the other Pacific islands. Thus, a large portion of the population in Hawaii were Asians. Of course, there are still many kinds of tourist attractions that I went to see along with my family during the trip, these are the types of things anyone would enjoy for their vacation.

The first thing I did was I went on a hike to the northern part of the island to a place called Ka’ena point. Over there I could watch seagulls and other island birds doing their mating dances and I could even spot seals coming onto shore. This was all along a rocky coastline right next to the Kuaokola mountain range.

Then one night we had a luau a place called Paradise Cove. There we spent the whole night partying and playing games like limbo, spear tossing and hula dancing. We even got to pose with live parrots during a photo shoot. We got to feast on traditional Hawaiian cuisine like roast pork, poi, and seafood. During the feast, we watched as our hosts at Paradise Cove put on a show for us where they did things like teach us about Hawaiian culture and myths. As well as they also showed us their traditional dances that included hula dances and fire dancing. This is everything we expected to learn about an islands culture.

My first day at Parker Academy

For my Performance Practicum, I manged to get an Internship at the local private prep school called Parker Academy which is in Concord. My first day there happened like this.

In today session we played board games for most of the morning. We started by playing the game Sorry for a while. I played this game with the teacher named Cristina, along with the students Sam and Lena. It has been many years since I last played this game. The Sorry board game we had played at the time was the Simpsons version, because of that most of us had issues trying to understand how the rules of this version were different from the regular version.

As we played the game I noticed that Lena was well versed on the rules of Sorry, whereas Sam was still learning how the game was played. As we played the game, Sam had trouble adjusting to the brutal nature of Sorry. The fact that you can actively destroy other players progress throughout the game is why some people say that Sorry destroys friendships. In my opinion; the player should know full well what they are getting into before they bother playing the game.

Later on, Christina and the rest continued to have trouble understanding the rules of the game and decided to end the game while deciding on a tie. This seemed to be a good idea because how long this game was dragging on. But it seems like everyone had fun with it nonetheless.

My Experience at a Writing Group

As a writer, I have often considered many of the steps I would need to take to write my own novel. This included measures such as doing research, reading other books, and consulting with actual published authors. The author I consulted with was named Barbara Davis who was a local romance novel author who told me what it was like to develop a narrative for a story. One of the things she told me about how to successfully complete a novel was by receiving lots of feedback from other writers. The way she accomplished this was by going to a local writers group who got together every so often to discuss and review each other’s story ideas.

At first, I was little apprehensive about sharing my ideas with many different people. But then I learned that sometimes these writing groups would have talent scouts who work for publishing companies visiting the group and they would be looking for people who had the makings of the next big author. Soon it became clear to me that one way or the other going to a writing group would be a great help to my writing career.

The way I looked for all the different writing groups in the area was through a website known as By using this website, I could narrow down the type of writing group that I wanted, which focused on fiction writing. After all, there were a couple of other writing groups that focused on genres such as poetry, journalism, scientific research, and faith-based writing. Once I found the group I wanted, I had to contact the person who was hosting the group and ask them if it was okay if I became a member of their group. Which they did eventually.

The first writing group I ever joined was called the upper Valley writers group which took place in Lebanon, New Hampshire. This was almost an hour away from my dorm room here in Henniker, New Hampshire, but at the time I was certain that this was the writing group that I needed. It was not until later that I realized that this writing group was not right for me.

My first meeting at the Upper Valley writers group took place in the public library of Lebanon. When I first got there, I was a little distressed to learn that most of the other members of the group were all elderly people. This worried me at the time because I was hoping that there would be other people there in my age group that I could talk to that had the same interest as me. I was reassured by the fact that some of the people there actually were authors who had all published books before. After a while, I decided that this group was not right for me because barely anybody there had any experience with fantasy writing, and therefore could not help me with much of my writing.

That’s when I moved on to my current writing group; the Write Free or Die group located in Derry, New Hampshire. Like my previous writing group, this one was also comprised of mostly elderly people who came in the meetings. Each week we would trade stories with each other so that we could all give each other feedback on what we thought of each other’s work. This was difficult for me at times because I was not very adept at editing other people’s work, but I got used to it eventually. It is not too different from when I had to do peer reviews of my classmate’s papers in that many of my English classes here at NEC after all.

I think this writing group is giving me a lot help towards improving my writing. The people there have given me a lot of constructive criticism about what they have seen in my writing. I may not always enjoy it when they point out the various errors in my work, but at the same time the people at my writing group seem to find more errors in my work than the people at NEC. I have shown my story ideas to many teachers and professional tutors at my college, but hardly any of them can seem to do a better job of helping me like the people at Write Free or Die. I can tell it will not be long before I managed to write my very first novel with their help.